Translation Services

LinguaBridge provides a full range of translation services to and from any of the following languages: Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. Our highly qualified team of native linguists and professional editors experienced working for the world leading information agencies such as Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, Voice of America, etc. will not only translate but provide cultural and linguistic expertise to make your translated document to be precise, accurate and, what is extremely important, phrased in accordance with the native language written and oral traditions.

Legal Translation / Certified Translation

Business contracts, litigation cases, financial documents, passports, adoption papers, degrees and diplomas, birth, marriage and divorce certificates, wills, medical records, etc. need specialized approach. Since the Legal systems differ from country to country the linguistic structures in the source documents often have no direct equivalents in the target language. Therefore LinguaBridge trust Legal translations only to individuals or often a team of individuals who have specialized knowledge in legal translations.

If for official purposes the document needs certification it will be mailed to you by USPS with a formal Statement of Certification, stamped, dated and signed, that will certify the correctness of the translation. When required we will provide a Notary Public service of a translated document so governmental or non-governmental organizations worldwide accept our certified document translations as valid.

Technical Translation

LinguaBridge has on board technical translators who possess advanced degrees in Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, etc. and who is strongly knowledgeable of technical process and terminology. Besides, all translators are native to the language into which they translate that guarantees the quality of translation. The combination of linguistic and technical knowledge is not common among translators and LinguaBridge is proud to have highly qualified and educated technical translators in its team.

Medical Translation

Translocation of various medical documents scientific research and medical equipment manuals to patient medical history and information forms is a serious matter where a single mistake may cost too high for patients and doctors. Not only has LinguaBridge in its team members with a professional medical education and background but we have ability and tendency to hire additional professionals who specialize in the very field of medicine that your document requires. Quality is too essential in this sphere. So, trust professionals!

Business and Marketing Translation

LinguaBridge team has a long history of translation of all kind of business documents from formal letters to complex contracts. We guarantee you a fast translation along with an exceptional quality with respect to native business culture and terminology.

Marketing translation requires a special degree of creativity and a deep knowledge of culture in a targeted country. Mottos and promotional ideas that work perfectly in some of the countries turn to a failure in the others. We will provide an expert assessment of your marketing materials and our team whose members are professional journalists and editors will make a creative translation for your company’s success on a foreign market. So, let’s sail together!

Financial Translation

All LinguaBridge translators are bound by strict commercial confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreements. Like our clients, we take confidentiality and security issues very seriously. Your materials are handled in a very confidential manner.

Our financial translation expertise includes but not limited to accounting reports, auditor’s reports, business plans and various business reports.

As for QUALITY… it goes without saying. LinguaBridge recruits only experienced financial translators.


Translation Service Rate range per word in source document Rate range per page Minimum order
Text of general subjects  $.09 – $.13 per word*  $22.50 – $32.50  50 word minimum
Specialized texts  $.17 – $.25 per English language word*  $42.50 – $62.50  50 word minimum
Certified translation  $50 per document (up to 2 pages/500 words) plus $25 each additional page/250 words*
Proofreading/Editing  $.13 – $.16 (plus translation if applicable)  50 word minimum
Localization  $.13 – $.16 (plus translation if applicable)  50 word minimum

* = Rate is doubled if English isn’t a source nor destination language.



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